Resources to help you with the day-to-day management of your Symantec investment


Maintenance Policy Handbook
This Handbook describes Symantec's policies relating to the new purchase, use and renewal of entry-level Maintenance offerings for Symantec software and hardware products. It replaces Symantec’s Global Enterprise Renewals Policy.

Hardware Management Policies
The following documentation relates to the replacement, repair and recycling of Symantec hardware products:

  • Warranty
    Symantec provides a limited, non-transferable warranty for its hardware products. Read Symantec’s Hardware Warranty and consult our Knowledge Base article to learn more. For applicable warranty documentation visit our Legal Repository.
    Learn about hardware replacement rules and processes: ?Read the?RMA Process and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Handling Knowledge Base articles
  • Gray Market Equipment
    Symantec only provides support for hardware purchased through an official Symantec channel. Symantec will not provide support nor make any support contracts available for any equipment purchased through a distribution channel not authorized by Symantec.
  • Recycling
    Symantec’s Product Recycling Service not only reduces materials going into landfill from Symantec products, but creates a larger supply of spare parts to meet service requirements for older equipment still in use.?Find out more and how to request Recycling Services.

Technical Support Documentation
For Technical Support policies and documentation consult our?Support Quick Reference Guide and read Symantec's Technical Support Terms and Conditions.

Software Version Upgrade Policy
This policy outlines how Symantec makes Version Upgrades available to its eligible perpetually licensed software customers at no extra cost.

End of Life

In the course of developing innovative solutions, Symantec may periodically discontinue certain products or versions of products. Consult the End of Life policies below or find release information for your product on Release Details.

Enterprise Security End of Life Policy
This policy describes how customers can access versions of Symantec enterprise software products that have reached their End of Life (“EOL”). It also describes the support services that Symantec typically provides during the End of Life process.

Network Protection End of Life Policy
This documentation identifies key dates for platforms and software that have reached end-of-sale, end-of-maintenance, or end-of-life in the product life cycle.

License Management

Customer Compliance Policy
This policy outlines Customers' compliance obligations with regard to Symantec's products and Maintenance.

License Retirement Policy
This policy outlines rules and procedures concerning the retirement of perpetual software licenses for Symantec?software products.